Getting Your WordCamp Questions Answered

Getting Answers To Your WordCamp Atlanta Questions

We’re getting really excited. The big event, WordCamp Atlanta 2016, is only days away.

Leading up to any event there are always questions. Some are easier to answer than others. Some can be answered with a quick link to a prior publish, some with an easy YES or NO reply. But some require a bit more back and forth.

I Have Questions. How Do I Get Answers?

There are actually several ways to get your WordCamp questions answered.

For the purpose of this article, I’m breaking questions down into two types: pre/post event and during event.

Your Pre/Post Event Questions:

There are two really great places to hop into the discussion and get your questions answered.

The first is the official #WCATL slack channel. Closely monitored by event organizers and volunteers, it’s a great place to pop in with a quick question. Depending who’s online at any given time, you will probably get an answer within minutes. (Get help with Slack here.)

The second option is Twitter. We’re closely monitoring both the event hashtag, #WCATL, and any tweets where we’re mentioned (@wordcampATL). We do our best to respond swiftly, but do remember all social media channels are managed by volunteers.

These channels won’t go dormant after the event. We’ll continue monitoring after the event’s over. So feel free to come to us, online, with any follow-up concerns, questions or comments. We want to hear them!

During The Event Questions:

Yes, we’ll still be monitoring any mentions via Slack and our social media channels, but if you’ve got a time sensitive question during the event, your best bet is to step up to a volunteer or organizer and ask him or her directly.

The registration table is always a hub of activity and someone there can always answer your questions. The Happiness Bar is also a great place to get help, whether it’s about your website itself or you just need directions to a room or want to inquire about lunch!

And, of course, there will be Q&A sessions following each speaker’s presentation. That’s a great time to get your questions about the given topic asked and answered!

Ask Away!

Don’t be afraid to ask your questions? Event volunteers are there to help. WordCamp is a learning experience, a community effort. We all want you to come away from the event with new knowledge, some new friends and connections, AND answers to your questions.

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  1. Hey! We obviously can’t go to all the sessions, and would like to access sessions we could not attend. Would you please clearly post how/where the slides/videos will be available after this weekend? Thanks!

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